Frank the Brave Maveric



The Brave Maveric

Once upon a time Frank was just an ordinary boy. He spent his childhood on the streets and little alleys of the city of Digital Revolution. Finding ways to dodge the pitfalls of the city he developed skills that still outshine the majority of the dudes in the hood. Having to face different kind of challenges every day made him bold and fearless – courageously facing the problems and threats that came across his path. The quality that made him this good was his ability to view the world in truthful, yet humorous and cheeky kind of way. 

 The city was his playground. He owned the streets and used his skills for the benefit of all inhabitants of the city. People started to call him Frank the Brave Maveric.

Today, the city of Digital Revolution has gone through a merger with its surrounding municipalities and changed its name into Digital Reality. Frank the Brave Maveric is still living in the same city, but has grown up and reached adulthood – but hasn't lost his maveric-like personality nor his adventurous character, which still leads him to deviate from paths already traveled by others. He's helping people and organizations to achieve their goals. The word on the streets is that Frank – despite his relatively small size – has what it takes to take down his competitors, even if they were humongous corporations.


My name is Frank the Brave Maveric. My aim is to create digital services that have a positive impact – the kind that provide people the services they need in an easy to use form.

Despite my young age and nearly marvelous agility, I’m a seasoned guy. I know both the pitfalls and shortcuts of the digital jungle like the back of my hand. If all my competitors already did what I do, I would probably be out of job in a nick of time. But, to be frank, most services nowadays are more like disservices – ones that make running errands even more difficult than it was before.

My mission is to paint the world with beautiful code. The kind that works brilliantly for your purposes.



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faith the humane explorer

Faith is softer and more curious than frank - A person who approves and encourages, Someone who explores new and unfamiliar areas.