Faith the Humane Explorer



the humane explorer

Faith is softer and more curious than frank - A person who approves and encourages, Someone who explores new and unfamiliar areas.

Growing up in the city of Digital Revolution, young Faith the Humane Explorer realized that submitting to ready-made roles and perceptions of the world wasn't an option. Instead of waiting for others to determine her identity and destiny, Faith decided to explore the Digital World and make her own decisions: To engineer her own identity. To boldly go where no man has gone before.

She knew that finding her own path wasn't easy, nor was it the fastest way to reach something spectacular. But facing the challenges that came across her path, she discovered the power of humanity: it was not the antithesis of digital, but a parallel universe that was present in the same reality. Through combining the best sides of humanity and digitalization, she learned to navigate through even the most complex problems, turning difficulties into ideal tools – ones that give people the means to contribute to the society.

Living up to her first name, she has always had faith in finding the best possible solutions. Yet, she has learnt that the answer is not always just around the corner: The hardest puzzles take time and can cause discomfort and even frustration – but through trial and error, they can be solved.

Despite her unparalleled fluency in scripting and coding, she is constantly developing her skills in order to be able to master even the most challenging tasks. As a true believer in intelligence, equality and divergent thinking, she is taking the bull of Digital Revolution by its horns – determined to harness the power of digitalization to serve humanity.


“Digitality is not the opposite of humanity and compassion. My aim is to serve humanity through bending and crossing borders, overcoming obstacles and fighting poorly services with exquisite code. I believe in trial and error as a method of working: the best possible results can only be found through exploring various alternative possibilities. That's why I deliberately diverge from the masses and dare to investigate new perspectives.

My fluency in creating smoothly flowing digital solutions is based on thorough knowledge and unparalleled, constantly developed skills. I am here to give you the means to make a difference.

I am Faith the Humane Explorer.”




Frank the brave maveric

Frank is open, ambitious, honest and direct, also when dealing with unpleasant matters. Frank is different because of special expertise and know-how.